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7% Iodine XD

DEA Exempt Antiseptic for Topical Prophylaxis of Infection

  • 7% Iodine XD contains a blend of iodine tincture and iodine surfactant complex.

  • This complexed iodine provides a minimum of 7% titratable iodine.

  • This product is exempted from DEA regulation.

  • Used as a disinfectant for dipping calf navels, and as an antiseptic and disinfectant for superficial cuts, abrasions, dehorning wounds, insect bites, or minor bruises.

  • Important: When used on or near teats, thoroughly wash these areas to prevent contamination of milk. Not for use in body cavities, in deep wounds or on burns. Keep away from heat and open flames. For animal use only.


7% Iodine XD


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