For Tough Cleaning Conditions

  • Phosphate-free, anti-foaming formula cleans modern dairy equipment thoroughly and efficiently. 

  • Uses Poly-TEC polymer technology for superior emulsification with less alkalinity and chlorine.

  • Unique Poly-TEC blend provides chlorine stabilization and scale inhibitors to leave the system thoroughly clean and sparkling.

  • Rapid and clean sheeting of water off equipment surfaces. Ideal for a variety of water conditions.

  • Ideal for a variety of water conditions.

AgroClean 305 is an ultra duty chlorinated CIP cleaner for hard water conditions.

AgroClean 273 is a heavy duty chlorinated CIP cleaner for moderately hard water.

AgroClean 6010A is a concentrated non-chlorinated CIP cleaner.



AgroClean is available in a variety of formulations and sizes to meet your needs. Click on each product for more information.

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