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Aura Teat Dips

Fast-Acting and Moisturizing

  • Provides excellent skin conditioning while aiding in the reduction of bacteria that cause mastitis.

  • Combination of lactic acid and several germicidal acids produces a synergistic effect with broad-spectrum killing activity.

  • Contains 7.5% DermaPlex, a unique 3-part moisturizing system that includes a skin emollient, humectant and plasticizer.

  • Can be used with sprayers and dippers.

  • No aggressive oxiders.

Aura Pre Post Dip
Aura Non-Iodine Pre-Post Dip

Aura Non-Iodine Pre-Post Dip

Aura Teat Dips

Aura is available in a variety of formulations and sizes to meet your needs. Click on each product for more information.

Aura TS is Designed for Teat Scrubber System.


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