ForageGuard Buffered Propionic Acid

Inhibit Mold and Yeast Growth in High-Moisture Forage

  • Formulated for use on baled hay, high moisture ear corn, shell corn, barley, and other high moisture grains.

  • Effective in oxygen-limiting or conventional upright silos, as well as bags and bunkers.

  • Inhibits the growth of aerobic molds and yeast until fermentation is completed.

  • Provides aerobic stability at feed out when the grains are again exposed to aerobic microorganisms.

  • Economical and highly effective against mold and yeast growth.


Recommended application is at a rate of approximately 3 to 6 pounds of ForageGuard per ton of grain. To reduce the growth of molds and reduce heating of TMR mixes, add approximately 2 to 4 pounds of ForageGuard to the mix.



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