Hay producers working in humid environments are well-acquainted with the consequences of baling moist hays, which include heating, molding, losses of dry matter (DM) and nutritive value, and the possibility of spontaneous combustion. To make quality hay keep its value in storage, it is important to prevent the growth of fungus. When fungus and mold grow, they digest and metabolize the high-energy compounds and proteins that are vital to good nutrition. The result is low feed value, feeds hat unpalatable to your animals and mycotoxins which can severely upset rumen health.

Fortunately, AgroChem has formulated EPA Registered Hay & Feed Preservatives to help farmers control these issues and help preserve hay health which in turn helps the health of your herd.

Hay & Feed Preservatives


ForageGuard - Buffered propionic acid formulated for use on baled hay, high moisture ear corn, shell corn, barley, and other high moisture grains.

HayFresh - A proprietary blend of organic acids and surfactants that offers optimum protection from mold and yeast growth to preserve the color and health of hay.