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The results you trust, with Just Enough Copper.

HEALMAX® Cu+ Footbath Concentrate is an all-in-one solution that provides all the benefits of HEALMAX® with just enough copper to give you the results you need -- quickly and conveniently!

  • Easy to mix and use. Just add to water!

  • Get cows back on track fast with visible results starting in one week or less.

  • Remains effective in hot or cold weather.

  • Safer than formaldehyde for humans and animals.

  • Less costly than traditional copper sulfate footbaths

HEALMAX® Cu+ is ideal for:

  • Dairy operations looking to use the minimal amount of copper in their footbaths

  • Producers in areas where on-farm formaldehyde use is banned

  • Dairy producers who want a safer footbath

  • Operations seeking a streamlined footbath procedure

Download HEALMAX® Cu+ Brochure

To order, please contact your local AgroChem representative or click here.

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