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HEALMAX® Footbath Concentrate

Healmax Footbath Group

HEALMAX® Footbath Concentrate can also be used with our Footbath Dosing System. Learn More.

Fast results without formaldehyde.

  • Quickly controls the spread of digital dermatitis (hairy heel warts) without formaldehyde or harsh acids.

  • Fast-acting formula, start seeing results in one week or less.

  • Cost-effective, biodegradable, and safer for crew members and cows.

  • Available in 15, 55 or 275 gallon containers.

  • Another advanced chemical solution from the HEALMAX® Family of copper-and-formaldehyde-free hoof care products.


When Extreme Cold Hits, HEALMAX® Outlasts Formaldehyde Every Time.

When Extreme Cold Hits, HEALMAX®
Outlasts Formaldehyde Every Time.


HealMax® Footbath Concentrate

Treatment: Once per day for 5-7 consecutive days
Maintenance: Once per day for 3-4 consecutive days or as needed
Dilution Rate: 1 to 1.25 gallons per 50 gallon footbath capacity

Learn about Hairy Heel Warts (Digital Dermatitis).

New Study Shows HEALMAX® Is Effective Against Digital Dermatitis.

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