New European Study Shows HealMax™ Footbath Concentrate Effective Against Digital Dermatitis In Lactating Dairy Cows

(SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY – MAY 22, 2014) A recent study by a leading European authority on bovine hoof health disorders found HealMax™ Footbath Concentrate by AgroChem, Inc. reduced the incidence, severity, duration and recurrence of digital dermatitis (DD) lesions in lactating dairy cows.

The study, which was conducted by Dr. Andrea Fiedler over a 115-day period, examined more than 300 cows on a commercial dairy farm in central Germany. Animals were assessed for the presence, severity and size of DD lesions in both treated and untreated cows. The results showed that cows treated with HealMax Footbath Concentrate:

* Were half as likely as controls to develop acute digital dermatitis lesions

* Were three times more likely to have acute, painful lesions change to a healing, non-painful stage

* Experienced faster healing of existing DD lesions

* Experienced DD outbreaks less frequently

* Experienced less recurrence of acute DD lesions

The study also supported HealMax’s product safety, with test results showing no signs of inflammation at the coronary band or pastern/interdigital cleft, other than the “normal” inflammation common to acute DD lesions.

A persistent and significant cause of lameness in dairy cattle, DD (also known as hairy heel wart) impacts yield, fertility and longevity, and can cost dairy farmers hundreds of dollars per cow each year.

The HealMax family of biodegradable hoof care products is used to safely manage hoof problems in dairy cattle, without heavy metals, harsh acids or dangerous formaldehyde.

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