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One-Step CIP Detergent

Wash Your Entire Milking System in One Step

  • AgroChem One-Step CIP Detergent is formulated to clean your entire milking system in just one wash cycle. No need for an extra acid rinse or periodic booster wash.

  • Replaces the standard alkaline detergent and acid rinse steps.

  • Helps reduce the overall use of water, energy and chemicals.

  • Low usage rate provides a cost-per-wash savings of up to 40% vs. other detergents.

  • Reduces build-up of teat sealant residues in claws and lines.

  • Zero-phosphate formula is gentle on the environment.

  • High-performance acids, surfactants and emulsifiers dissolve fats, mineral deposits and proteins.

  • Effective in a range of water temperatures.

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One-Step CIP Detergent

Usage Rate is 1oz to 4 gallons of water

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