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Chemical Cleaning Solutions

We’re committed to dairy health and hygiene.

AgroChem offers a variety of Advanced Chemical Solutions in different sizes and formulations to meet your needs.  Click on each product for more information.

Laundry Detergent
Stops bacterial growth on diary prep towels
No dyes or perfumes
Available in 3 formulations: Liquid, Chlorinated Powder, and Chlorine-Free Powder
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Ultra Laundry Detergent in water-soluble packets

Contains unique polymers to keep soil in suspension
Concentrated detergent is premeasured to guarantee precise and accurate usage
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Phosphate-free pH neutral cleaner can be used on any surface.
Eliminates odors
Use for foam, high pressure or manual cleaning

A concentrated chlorine dioxide cleaner and deodorizer for use on hard, non-pourous inanimate surfaces
Cleans and eliminates odors
Use for foam, high pressure or manual cleaning

Looking for AgroClean? AgroClean is our phosphate-free, anti-foaming formula that cleans modern dairy equipment thoroughly and efficiently. Find it here.

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