Prep 8X

Effective and economical prep

The germicidal system in Prep 8x is a unique combination of lactic acid and linear alkylate sulfonates which have been shown to provide a synergistic kill against mastitis-causing pathogens.

  • Excellent detergency provides quick, thorough pre-cleaning for optimal hygiene.

  • Provides 2% emollients and lactic acid for hydration and gentle exfoliation of skin.

  • Contains no iodine or quaternary ammonium compounds.

  • Bright orange marker.

  • Apply as a dip, spray, or foam.

  • Available as a convenient ready-to-use or highly concentrated product (1:7).


Prep 8X

Prep 8X is available as a concentrate and a teat spray. Click on each product for more information.

To order, please contact your local AgroChem representative or click here.