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“Safe and easier to use than copper sulfate.”
- Dr. Mark Whelan, DVM and Hoof Trimmer – Mondovi, WI

“I’ve seen dairymen save thousands of dollars using HEALMAX®. Used correctly, it delivers positive results in one week. HEALMAX® is an important management tool for the dairy and will pay for itself many times over. I would recommend HEALMAX® to anyone whether or not they have a hairy heel wart issue. It’s much safer and easier to use than copper sulfate, is non-corrosive, and will not harm your land like copper sulfate.”

“A dramatic improvement in overall lameness.”
-Nathan Wiese, Owner
Wiese Dairy LLC – Rosendale, WI (220 cows)

HEALMAX® works! We’ve seen a dramatic improvement in overall lameness with a lot fewer hairy heel warts. I was using liquid copper and zinc which dried up the warts but did not seem to kill them. With HEALMAX®, the warts just scab over and die within a week or two. Now we just trim for maintenance and not because of lameness. We love that HEALMAX® is safe to use, easy to mix in the footbath, and sticks to the feet really well. Best of all, there are no heavy metals to load up on the land. I would absolutely recommend this product to other farms.”

“The animals are walking better, eating better and milking better.”
-Chad Martin, Owner
Martin Dairy LLC – Tillamook, OR (1600 cows)
Largest-producing Jersey herd in the US

“We can’t afford to lose production because of foot problems. With HEALMAX®, we don’t have to. Unlike similar footbath additives, HEALMAX® gets right to work and does what it’s meant to do. It stains the hooves so we know we’re getting good coverage. We now have fewer overall foot problems throughout the herd, and the animals are walking better, eating better and milking better. HEALMAX® is easier to use than copper sulfate and much safer for our employees. It really works!”

 “We are definitely getting bang for our buck.”
-Brent Malena, Owner
Holsteins Unlimited LLC – Leigh, NE (1,550 cows)

“On our dairy, the main hoof problem is hairy heel warts. Before using HEALMAX® Footbath, we had close to 10 percent incidences in our milk cows. We usually run our footbaths once a day for five consecutive days per week. When we ran HEALMAX®, I first noticed all the cows’ feet turning orange, which gave me confidence that every cow was getting a good bath. Then the warts started going away. We went from 10 percent of our herd with warts to basically none, and average milk production went up about two pounds. We have used copper sulfate and other products, but have never seen the results we have with HEALMAX®. We are definitely getting bang for our buck.”

“Results after just two days.”
-Jacob Moes, Owner
MoDak Dairy – Goodwin, SD (2,200 cows)

“We began using HEALMAX® Spray in 2009 after struggling to control hairy heel warts with copper and formaldehyde footbaths. The footbaths worked well but took too long to show results. We also had problems with formaldehyde splashing on teats and employees. We started spraying HEALMAX® twice a week, and noticed a lot fewer warts after just two days. Not only did the warts dry up, but we also saw improvements in milk quality, a reduction in SCC, and an increase in feed consumption. We’ve also been able to reduce the load of copper going into the lagoon, and are spending less on copper and extender.”

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 “A great hoof product for winter.”
-Mike Berwald, Owner
Berwald Toronto Dairy – Toronto, SD
(550 cows)

“We were having problems in winter with hoof baths freezing and products not working well at cold temperatures. The formaldehyde smell was also bothering our workers. Since switching to HEALMAX® Foam, we’ve got our hairy heel wart problem well under control without dangerous formaldehyde fumes. This is a great hoof product for winter. We spray all the hooves twice a week in the milk parlor, and apply more often if we see a cow with a wart. The hoof trimmer says he can tell it’s working!”

“I have no problem spending money on something I know will work.”
-Ryan Barthel, Owner
West Ridge Dairy – Rosen, MN (345 cows)

“I thought footbaths in general did not work against hairy heel warts. Then we started using HEALMAX® five days a week. The warts turned black and scabbed over. Since the warts are no longer bothering them, the cows are more comfortable. The cows coming in without warts never develop them because they are going through the HEALMAX® footbath. HEALMAX® isn’t the cheapest product out there, but I have no problem spending money on something I know will work.”

 “Fewer abscesses and higher milk production.”
-Allen Merrill, Owner
Merrill Farms – Parker, SD
(150 cows)

“We’ve seen fewer abscesses and higher milk production since using HEALMAX®. The footbath protocol is very simple, unlike copper sulfate. We just add a gallon to the footbath, and don’t have to worry about precise mixing. We also use HEALMAX® Wart Spray in the parlor. Our hoof trimmer says we’re running a good protocol. I would recommend HEALMAX® products to any dairy wanting to improve their hoof health.”

“The best hoof product we’ve ever used.”
-Barry, Gayle, Cassie & Eric Richardson
Lost Oak Holsteins – Milladore, WI (75 cows)

HEALMAX® is the best hoof product we’ve ever used, and we’ve tried everything else on the market. We saw a noticeable difference within 24 to 36 hours. Cows went from being lame, lying down all the time, and not eating, to standing and eating normally in just 36 hours. We were considerably up on milk production. One cow in particular went from 64 lbs. to 112 lbs. a day within seven days of using HEALMAX®. If you want results fast, HEALMAX® delivers!”

“We would definitely recommend HealMax to other producers.”
-Rick Hartmen, Herdsman
Ricker Brothers LLC – Eldorado, WI (900 cows)

“We have used just about everything under the sun in our footbath. The biggest change I saw when I started using HEALMAX® was a huge reduction in hairy heel warts. I do all the trimming on my own chute, in house, so I know what works and what doesn’t - HEALMAX® works! We like the fact that HEALMAX® is a safe product to use and does not contribute to heavy metals on the land, and that it is not corrosive to steel or concrete. When we started using HEALMAX® almost 4 years ago we saw results in just the first week or two. We find HEALMAX® to be very cost efficient compared to some other products used in footbaths. We would definitely recommend HEALMAX® to other producers.”

“An essential part of controlling hairy heel warts on our farm.”
-Kyle Vanderhyde, Owner
Vanderhyde Dairy LLC – Chatham, VA

“We have been fighting hairy heel warts for as long as I can remember. A few years ago, we built a new free stall facility for our heifers and brought them back home. Within six months, we had at least a 90% infection rate of hairy heel warts in our milking herd and our heifers. We tried multiple products, both topicals and in- footbath additives. We began to notice each new product would control the problem for a few weeks, and then the warts would come back. Late last year, we decided to try a different approach. We started using HEALMAX® Spray. Six months later our cases of lame cows due to warts is down to less than 2% of the total herd. HEALMAX® is one of the key products we use, and we believe it has been an essential part of controlling hairy heel warts on our farm.”

“Just add water and it mixes itself.”
Gary Gullicksrud, Owner
Hamlin Valley Farms – Strum, WI (1750 Cows)

“We switched to HEALMAX® two years ago after using copper sulfate for years. We were having major corrosion problems with copper sulfate on our pipes and manure equipment, and were concerned about the amount of copper being spread on our land. Our trimmer recommended HEALMAX®, and we’ve seen an overall improvement in lameness and reduction in hairy warts. Best of all, it’s much safer and easier to mix than copper sulfate -- just add water and it mixes itself. I would recommend HEALMAX® to anyone.”

“More effective than anything we’ve tried.”
-David Stelter
Stelter Holstein Dairy – Wood Lake, MN (250 cows)

“We had always maintained a diligent hoof trimming regimen, but the predominant problem we had was hairy heel warts. We tried copper, zinc sulfate and other products, but could never get on top of our warts problem. Formaldehyde was never an option for this dairy. After switching to HEALMAX®, we went from 70% of our cows being trimmed because of warts, to less than 30%. I like that it doesn’t burn anyone’s skin, and we don’t have to deal with copper of zinc powder blowing up in our faces when we handle it. It’s less expensive on a per-cow basis because we’re preventing problems that require expensive treatment or cause production loss. HEALMAX® has been more effective than anything we’ve tried.”

“Creating a solution is quick and easy.”
-Jake Konstabel
Wyoming County, NY

AgroChem’s Ultra 2n1 is a foot bath product that works! It’s easier to use than other products, because there’s no need to mix chemicals or measure multiple ingredients. Creating a solution is quick and easy. Simply calculate your footbath capacity, add the dosage of Ultra 2n1 to your footbath, fill it with water, and you're ready to go! The copper and formalin solution delivers positive results consistently with controlling digital dermatitis. I have a number of clients using this product for over two years now and the long-term effects are hard to argue with. Cheaper than copper, safer than straight formalin, no mixing multiple products or ingredients and outstanding results sums up Ultra 2n1.

Before we were on HEALMAX® Cu+, we struggled constantly with heal warts. We had tried some other products but I had serious safety concerns with them. The team loves the ease of the automatic system. It keeps everyone safe and does a great job with improving foot health.

“The team loves the ease of the automatic system.”
-Ben Collopy, Herdsmen
Emerlings Dairy – Perry, NY