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Hoof Problems Costing You Money?

WE MAKE Safer, More Effective Hoof Care Products

Specializing in supplying chemicals and formulated products to get your livestock healthy and producing again. Located in New York and serving dairy farms across the United States.


HEALMAX® is ideal for:

  • Dairy producers who have experienced corrosion problems from copper sulfate or formaldehyde.

  • Dairy producers in areas where use of formaldehyde use is banned or limited.

  • Dairy producers who want a safer footbath for their family, employees, herd, and environment.


Attending the World Dairy Expo? Stop by Booth # EH 6002 to receive a free sample of our HEALMAX® spray or a jar of our HEALMAX® paste. Or you can fill out the form and we will ship one right out to you.

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